Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Letter to God

Dear God,

Another year in my life has passed. The year 2008 has been magnificent. You gave me so many blessings since day 1, starting from my trip to Paris, my unforgettable 20th birthday, Abang None, meeting M.S, and other things which I cannot write one by one.

Thank You God for giving me such a beautiful life. It is true that my life has not been all ups. You have given the downsides of life for me this year, but I took that as a process for me to be more mature and realize that I should be more grateful for what I have right now.

I am sorry I still do things that You don't like. Despite all the kindness You've shown to me, I still don't touch my head to the floor 5 times everyday. I am also more afraid in making my parents sad than making You sad every time I do something wrong. I really am sorry dear God.

I hope next year will be better. I can not promise You anything, but I will be doing my best to not make You mad. I also hope that there will be peace on earth. I am sure You do not want people to suffer any longer with all the war in Palestine, Africa, and other places on earth. Please take care of my family, my loved ones, all of the good people, and the environment which I sometimes take for granted.

Last but not least,
Thank You God for being extremely nice to me. I am truly blessed.

I love You God, I really do.


Deasy B. Priadi

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sentimental Day

At my French class, i learned a new word:

Coup de Foudre which means Love at First Sight.

When I went home, I continued reading twilight. I'm planning to finish the book before the movie is in theaters.
There's this part when Bella, the girl in the book, was going to sleep. Edward, her boyfriend, was also under the covers and his arms were wrapped around Bella and his lips were at Bella's ear.
The part that made me smile was when Edward did this to Bella:

He hummed a melody I didn't recognize; it sounded like a lullaby
He paused. "Should I sing you to sleep?"

Do I really have to have a vampire for a boyfriend? (FYI, Edward is a vampire).

Damn it, M.S. Where are you. Why do you have to be so far away for so long..
Ouwh.. what a sentimental day.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe We Should Stop Expecting

I haven't met my sister for 8 months, and a couple of days ago she arrived at Jakarta. It's her first Lebaran here since the last 4 years.
When I found out she was coming home, I already thought about all the things I was going to ask her to buy for me. This is what I usually do everytime she comes home. I sometimes wonder whether I'm more excited to see my sister home or the things she bought for me.
This time, I planned to ask for a pair of ankle boots.

(Yeah.. yeah.. you can judge me all you want. I'm pretty much a fashion victim)

Eventually, I changed my mind and didn't ask for anything from her. I know how difficult it could be to look for random stuff.

I didn't pick her up at the airport, so by the time she landed she gave me a call. She said she bought me a pair of shoes. Since I wasn't expecting anything from her, I was pretty surprised.
When I arrived home, I was too excited to see my sister and completely forgot about the shoes. After all the euphoria, I went to my room and my sister showed me the shoes.

It was even better than I thought it would be. I've been looking for it obsessively on ebay a couple of months ago but I never found any. I never told my sister before, but somehow she bought it for me.

Maybe that's how it is with families and people who loves us unconditionally. Eventhough we don't expect much from them, the things they do for us are way beyond our expectations. I think that's proof of how big their love is towards us. We sometimes forget how lucky we are to be surrounded by people who love us. I sometimes forget.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

My holiday

I had almost three months of holiday but I don't update my blog very often. What a shame.

Thanks to Abang None, this year's holiday has been a bit different from my last holidays. Here's some of the stuff I did:
I went to Palembang last month with my Abang to do Abnon stuff.
I went to waterbom to use the voucher I got with my friends from Abnon Selatan.

I had plenty Abnon work to do and received money afterwards.
I had dinner at the governer's house with the other winners and their parents.

I celebrated the independence day for the first time after I graduated high school.

Last but not least, I started a wonderful relationship with one of the Abang's. His name is M.S.

Many people said that people who entered Abang None are likely to break up with their boy/girlfriend and end up having a relationship with one of the Abang's or None's. I tried to break this myth because I don't believe in 'cinlok'. I even assured my friends who warned me that 'cinlok' will never happen to me.
But I think I have to lick my own spit. (Is there a word in english for that? 'Menjilat ludah sendiri'?)
I broke up with M.R.P.P. Eventhough it wasn't because of Abnon, it happened on the first week of Abang None Selatan. And at Abang None D.K.I., I met M.S. and eventually went out with him. But i still don't believe in 'cinlok' though.

Moral of the story: be careful with what you say.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazing experience


Abang None DKI is finally over. The finals was awesome. Alhamdulillah, I was chosen as None Favorit and None Harapan 1 DKI Jakarta.

(I still can't believe I was on this stage)

Thank you so much for all of my family and friends who have supported me from start to finish. I can't tell you guys how thankful I am. It means ssssooooooooo much to me. I heart you guys..

Here's the lessons I've learned after Abang None:
1. The meaning of hard work. I worked my ass off in this competition. I experienced firsthand what 'no pain, no gain' really means.
2. Be a risk taker. I have done my best in this competition, but one thing I regret the most is the Q and A session. I should've answered it in English, but I didn't because I was too afraid to do so. Damn damn damn.
3. Competition isn't always ugly. Seriously. I made really good friends even though we're aiming for the same thing.

This whole Abang None experience, starting from Jakarta Selatan until DKI Jakarta, is truly amazing. I was really sad everything has come to the end. I even cried when I had to say goodbye to all of my friends. If given the chance, I would be more than happy to repeat it all over again.

Monday, June 30, 2008

None Jakarta Selatan

My oh my. It's been a while since my last post. So here's the recap:

On 14th of June, the finals of Abang None Jakarta Selatan was held at Balai Kartini. Alhamdulillah, I won as None Jakarta Selatan. It really was beyond my expectations because the others were really good. Seriously. I'm not only sweet talking here.

So now I'm In quarantine at Grand Tropics Hotel with The other winners from other sections of Jakarta. There are 36 of of us and it's really fun. I thought the others would be very competitive and try to sabotage the others. But it didn't happen at all. We helped and supported each other.

the judging day was last Saturday and Sunday. It went well. I spoke French with one of the judges eventhough my French isn't that good. But she said I speak french really good. Hehe..

There will be a press conference today in the afternoon. In the evening, there will be makrab at score again.

Please come to the final's of Abang None DKI Jakarta 2008 on 4th of July at JCC starting from 19.00.
Or watch it live at global tv starting from 19.30.
don't forget to text:

abnon deasy
and send it to 9288.

thanks for your support!!
Wish me luck..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Super Busy Week

It's been almost a month since my last post. I've been very busy this past few weeks. So here's the recap:

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Kota with Adit and Titis to see the MDGs photo exhibition and take pictures around Kota. The exhibition was really interesting. We made a lot of really nice pictures and visited 3 museums.

The week after, I went to Sea World with my Environmental Psychology class. The day after I went to Ancol with my friends to take pictures. And the day after that, I went to Ancol again to watch Indo Dance Music Festival.
So I went to North Jakarta 4 times in 8 days.

Did you watch the national awakening celebration? Wow. It was really amazing. (Gue sampe merinding saking kerennya)->How do you say this in English? I'm too lazy right now to think.
After watching that show, I'm really proud of my country.

The big news is.... I am the finalist of Abang None Jakarta Selatan 2008. The practice is every single day and it lasts from 16.00 to around 00.00. This week I'm also having my final exams. Actually I'm kind of worried with my exams considering I'm too tired to study by the time I'm home.

I'm freakin' tired.

PS: Please come to Balai Kartini on 14th of June to watch the final of Abang None Jakarta Selatan 2008. Vote for me!
There is also the talent show and Makrab at Score Citos before the final show. I won't tell the date because I don't recommend you to come. I have stage fright. I'm terrified I'll mess up.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Read More


Yesterday I watched Bill Gates' lecture at TVRI. There were so many people attending that lecture, including Pak SBY. It amuses me how the government succeeded to invite him (Bill Gates, not Pak SBY. hehe) to Indonesia. Bravo!

Anyway, there was a question from a UI student if I'm not mistaken. He asked Bill Gates' secret of becoming successful. He answered that graduating from school is very important. He doesn't recommend quitting school the way he did. The other thing he said that I remember the most is about the importance of reading. He's always curious about things so he read a lot. He also said he was lucky to have parents who supported his love of books and let him quit school to pursue his dreams.

Will Smith also said something like this in his speech when he won an award as the best celebrity role model or inspiration in Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in 2003. He said that we must not let people tell us what we can’t do and read at least 3 pages a day.

I am a true believer of this idea. I think people who are knowledgeable are more fun to talk to. Probably some of them aren’t very smart academically, but people like this are living proof that smart people isn’t always people who get straight A’s. Even my genius sister (who is taking her doctorate degree in the age of 23 with a scholarship) agrees that people who are school smart aren’t always smart.

So, why don’t you lift that lazy ass of yours off the couch and start reading instead of watching sinetron’s.

Here's the video of Bill Gates' speech

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Imogen Heap is Awesome

This video is amazing. Seriously. Wow. I don't know anything else to say.
Thanks to Cheela who told me about this video.

Imogen Heap singing Just For Now

Monday, April 28, 2008

Make a change for the environment

My sister once said that global warming has been some kind of a pop culture. Ever since Al Gore with his 'an inconvenient truth' went out, everyone is talking about global warming even though some of them still thinks that greenhouse effects is caused by greenhouses. Many people also started to do things to save the environment, like using canvas bags instead of plastic bags. Even Anya Hindmarch took this as an advantage and made that famous "I'm not a plastic bag" bag. Al Gore successfully raised awareness to the world and made people change their habits. I think he's proved of what Baba Dioum (a Senegal environmentalist) once said:

"In the end, we will only conserve what we love, we will only love what we understand, and we will only understand what is taught."

I sometimes consider myself as an environmentalist, even though i've never done anything drastic to save the environment like going to Kalimantan to conserve orangutans. I also can't deny that air conditioners, aerosol sprays, and styrofoam has made my life easier.
In junior high (about 6 yeras ago), I was given an assignment to do a science paper and chose global warming as the topic based on my concern for the environment. Fast forward to college, I always try to do all sort of things I know to save the environment. I sometimes get mocked on for doing the things I did to save the environment because most of it aren't very convenient, like taking the public transportation (if it's possible) instead of driving my car. But I don't really care. What makes me really happy is that some of my friends started to always throw garbage in it's proper place, print on both sides of paper, and reducing the use of plastic bags. One lesson i've learned from this is that all you need to do is raise awareness, make a good example, and you don't need to be as powerful as Al Gore to make people change for the environment.

Quoting Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror:

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday pictures

Those who made my birthday memorable..

(The house you're looking at is not my house. hehe..)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

J'ai 20 ans

It's been more than a month since my last post. It would be a shame if I told you about Java Jazz considering it happened (also) more than a month ago. One thing for sure, it was incredible as usual. I had so much fun. After Java Jazz, I always had silly thoughts that there will never be an event that would make me as happy as Java Jazz for the rest of the year. I am fully aware that it's not true though.

I turned 20 on April 7th. I think it's my best birthday ever. So here's the story:
I was suspicious already that M.R.P.P. would surprise me by coming to my house on 24.00 and be the first person (besides my sister) to say happy birthday. He's that type of guy. He did came, with a cake, candle, and all. Even though I wasn't very surprised, I was really really happy. I Love You M.R.P.P.

After blowing the candle and letting him in, I went to my room because my phone rang. When I was still in my room, somehow I heard people singing happy birthday from the terrace and I quickly went outside. Guess what.... 12 of my friends was there singing happy birthday, each of them holding a cupcake with a candle on it and a piece of paper which spells happy birthday. I jumped up and down, laughed, and screamed at the same time. Tears were already welling up on my eyes. They told me to blow the candle. At that time, I was already crying. So I blew the candle with much difficulty because, like I've said before, I was laughing, screaming, and crying at the same time.

It was catastrophe after being all sentimental. Adit dropped flour all over me and sprayed orange color string without much resistance from me. I tried to hug my friends with the intention to make them white with flour, but they ran. So I chased them in front of my house, in the middle of the night and barefoot. We sure made a lot of noise. After everything was under control, we went back to the house and talked and ate the cake together.

Six of my friends slept at my place at that night. We continued the party even though it was already 02.00. We took pictures with crazy clothes and poses and slept at 04.00.

The day after, I celebrated my birthday and invited a couple of my friends to Poke Sushi and had all you can eat. We ate so much sushi as if we haven't eaten for days. It was so brutal. We ate like pigs, seriously. It was crazy, really really crazy.

Overall, this year I had an incredible birthday. I've never said this in person to my friends, but I love them so much. One thing for sure.. Best friends sure can make you cry.....
Cry tears of Joy.

I would like to thank (with no specific order):
Muhammad Rangga Putra Pradana
Amy Tyas Susanti O.
Citra Kartika Ariani
Danar Tri Kusuma R.
Shaskia Yasmin S.
Titis Arbadefita
Devita Soraya B.
Amanda Christa
Aditya Mahendra
Hario Iman Setyo
Ferdinand Narayana
Who made my 20th birthday memorable.
I love you guys so much.. I can't tell how thankful I am to have you guys as my friend.

PS: I'll put the pictures as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

THE Festival

Hello... It's been awhile since my last post, I know. But, I think no one will mind. Since the only person I know who reads this blog is my sister. How pathetic.

Anyway.. today's the first day of Java Jazz Festival. This is the festival I've been waiting for a year. I can't describe how much I love it. I'm really really excited right now. Three days full of music I love in one venue. It's total bliss..

BUT, until now I don't have any ticket for Friday and Sunday yet. I thought I was getting free tickets from my dad's friend. Well, he did give me 8 tickets, but it was for Saturday. I was also expecting a 3 day pass from my friend who was going to pay me back my money. But she forgot to buy it for me. So here I am, not having a ticket for the festival I really love.

I'm kind of worried I won't get any tickets actually. On Wednesday, I was going to watch Incubus and decided to buy the ticket at 'calo' since the cheapest one costs Rp. 500.000 and I don't like Incubus that much. And based on my experience, we can get cheaper tickets if we buy it from 'calo'. So I went to the venue expecting to get the ticket for Rp. 300.000, but when I arrived there they sold it for Rp. 850.000. So I waited there with M.R.P.P. and his friends hoping the tickets will cost cheaper if the show starts. But it didn't. Still, we waited there. Listening Incubus from the outside, being really pissed for our optimism. Long story short, we didn't watch Incubus.

A lot have happened since my last post. I cut my hair short, I made friends with my seniors who are really cheap. Not cheap literally, but they won't say no if you ask them out. The same goes for me though, they call me cheapest. But no, I'm not that cheap. I went to Puncak, Bogor, and did a road trip of Jakarta with my old and new 'cheap' friends. Went to the movies for a couple of time, hung out at Depok, hung out at my terrace until 01.00 A.M. on a weekday.

I used to be this girl who went straight home or my piano classes after school. I guess I'm a late bloomer. It's strange how much my life has changed since my high school days.


PS: I'm sure my next post will be all about JavaJazz

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Salah satu lagu dan video favorit

Video yang pertama adalah Astrud Gilberto menyanyikan goodbye sadness. Lagu ini adalah salah satu lagu kesukaan gue. Pas di pesawat lagu ini dan albumnya gue dengerin berkali-kali. Bahkan pas tidurpun album lagu ini yang gue setel.
Video yang kedua adalah KT Tunstall nyanyiin I want you back-nya Jackson5. Menurut gue dia nyanyiinnya keren banget. Bikin gue pengen belajar main gitar.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Merci Beaucoup

Hari Minggu tanggal 3 Februari akhirnya nyampe Jakarta. Pas di pesawat dari Singapore ke Jakarta gue ngobrol ama bapak-bapak. Dia bilang di Jakarta lagi banjir, terus tol ke bandara juga kebanjiran. So I've got the picture how Jakarta was at that day.

Pas udah mendarat dan ngambil koper, gue berjalan keluar mengharapkan menemukan sosok Bunda atau Pak Kus atau Pak Itan yang akan menjemput. Ternyata mereka tidak ada. Mulailah gue panik karena tidak ada yang menjemput dan gue tidak membawa HP. Jangan lupa gue sambil membawa 1 koper besar seberat 23 Kg dan satu carry on. Akhirnya gue mencari telfon umum. Utungnya di dompet masih ada koin rupiah. Jadilah gue bernostalgia seperti jaman SD dulu ketika HP belom jaman, menelfon dengan telfon umum. Setelah ditelfon ternyata emang jalanan macet dan Pak Itan belom sampe. Akhirnya gue nunggu di McD. Sumpah gue jalan udah kaya zombie saking ngantuknya karena jetlag.

Nggak lama kemudian Pak Itan nyampe. Langsung lah gue pulang. Begitu mobil mulai jalan, gue langsung ketiduran dan baru bangun begitu sampe rumah. Nggak tau deh tu jalanan dari bandara semacet apa.

Setelah sebulan pergi, gue mengharapkan ada yang menyambut gue di rumah. Gue sudah memaklumi kalo gue cuma dijemput ama Pak Itan. Ternyata begitu sampe rumah, lagi pada pergi semua. Menyedihkan sekali. Akhirnya gue langsung ganti baju dan melanjutkan tidur di tempat tidurku yang sudah sangat dirindukan. By the time I arrived, everything at home seems different, tapi kalo diperhatiin baik-baik sebenernya ga ada yang berubah. Aneh banget deh.

Begitu bangun, semua orang udah pulang. Langsunglah gue melepas rindu dan peluk sana sini. Dengan penuh semangat gue membongkar koper dan memberikan oleh-oleh. Yufi si seneng dengan oleh-oleh yang gue kasih. Tapi begitu gue memberikan tas titipan Bunda, beginilah cuplikan dialognya:

Gue : Ni Bun, tas titipan Bunda (sambil ngasih tasnya)
Bunda : Yah.. kok tasnya kaya gini si? Bunda kan ga suka yang tasnya dalem kaya gini.
Gue : Yah.. Bunda ga suka? padahal susah banget tu nyarinya.
Bunda : Iya.. Bunda ga suka.

Hal yang sama juga terjadi pada ayah. Ayah nitip baju golf, tapi dia ga mau yang ada mereknya. Perlu diketahui pas nyari titipan ayah ini juga susah banget karena banyakan bajunya lagi tebel-tebel karena winter.
Gue : Ni yah baju buat ayah. Ade beliin dua lo..
Ayah : Yah...... kok lengan panjang si? Ayah kan pakenya lengan pendek.
Gue : Loh, bukannya ayah pakenya lengan panjang?
Ayah: Itu dulu, sekarang udah nggak. Nggak ngerti ni ade sama kakak.
Gue : Yah.. gagal ni ade beli oleh-olehnya.
Ayah : Iya, gagal total.

Yah.. gue hanya bisa pasrah dan SMS kakak kalo oleh-oleh yang udah kita beli gagal semua.
BTW, kemaren Ayah ulang tahun. Umurnya udah setengah abad sekarang. Happy Birthday Ayah...!!!

Setelah liburan yang penuh warna ini, I would like to say a big big thank you to my dad who worked so hard day and night to pay for this trip, my mom who helped me with the visa and travel agent, Tante Vera who helped ngurus ini itu untuk kepergiannya, Mba di rumah who packed my luggage, and Kakak yang udah menjadi tuan rumah yang sangat baik. Without you guys all this won't happen. Thank you so much. Terima kasih banyak. Nuhun Pisan.

Merci Beaucoup.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Last Day

Hello.. Sekilas berita hari terakhir di Paris.

Hari Jumat di kelas kita nonton filmnya Jacques Tati, terus pas break kita makan2 snack yang udah disuruh bawa dari rumah. Abis itu kita foto2 dan minta alamat email masing-masing. Lumayan sedih juga si karena kita udah sebulan tiap hari ketemu dan udah waktunya untuk berpisah. Sebagian pulang ke negaranya masing-masing, sebagian lagi ngelanjutin les ke tingkat berikutnya.

Terus Jumat sorenya gue dan kakak kejar setoran beli titipan Bunda dan Ayah. Abis itu kejar setoran foto-foto karena gue baru sadar kalo belom banyak foto. Jadilah kita keliling kota selayaknya turis terus foto2 di tempat2 turis tentunya.

Jumat malem gue dan kakak nonton teater Romeo and Juliet yang diadakan oleh sebuah dance company dari Prancis. Jadi teaternya ga ada dialognya, semuanya dikomunikasikan melalui dance hip-hop a la Justin Timberlake. Keren Abis! Pertunjukannya 1jam 15menit tapi gue nggak abis2 rasa amaze-nya. Keren banget. Incroyable!!
Setelah nonton teater, gue, Kakak, dan temen kantornya kakak ke Bar Brazil lagi. Pas hari itu yang tampil ngebawain musik brazil lengkap dengan nyanyian berbahasa Portugis. Walaupun gue udah cape dan ngantuk karena udah malem banget, tapi gue seneng banget karena akhirnya berhasil nonton band Brazil.

Hari Jumat ke Sabtu gue ga tidur sama sekali karena belum selesai packing. Terus Sabtu paginya berangkat ke bandara. Pas udah waktunya berpisah, mulai deh cengeng2an. Gue dan kakak nangis. Nangisnya yang sama-sama tengsin gitu, jadi sok ditahan. Terus Kakak ngomong "udahlah de.. kakak udah biasa kok sendiri. Besok juga udah gapapa kok ga ada ade." Ceritanya biar nggak sedih lagi, tapi ngomongnya matanya sambil berkaca-kaca.

Yaudah deh, akhirnya hal yang tak bisa dihindari terjadi. Gue dan kakak berpisah. It was a real real blast spending 1 month with her. I adore and love her so much. She's really amazing. God, I hope she'll never read this. I've never said this to her in person.

Perjalanan selama kurang lebih 17 jam ke Jakarta dihabiskan dengan tidur dan nonton (baik film Box Office maupun film serie) dan mendengarkan album2 Astrud Gilberto, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, dari in-flight entertainmentnya Singapore Airlines yang sangat sangat entertaining.

Hufh.. Au revoir Kakak, Au revoir Paris. Bonjour Jakarta.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holiday will be over soon

It's been more than 2 weeks since my last post. Percaya ga kalo gua bilang ga ad waktu. Jijik ya, sok sibuk banget.

Tanggal 30 Januari kemaren kakak ulang taun. Terus pas jam 12 gua bangunin dia terus ngasih kue dan kado. Hehe.. Cupu banget si, tapi dia lumayan terharu. Biasanya kan kalo dia ultah ga ada keluarga. Malemnya kita makan malem ber5 bareng tmen2nya kakak. Jadi ceritanya ngerayain ulang tahun kakak, tapi ga nraktir. Taulah mahasiswa duitnya dikit.

Weekend dua minggu yag lalu gua pergi ke club di pinggir sungai, namanya point ephemere. Hari itu ada farewell pacarnya kakak (tapi skarang dah putus). Lumayan rame yang ikutan, 15an ada kali ya. Mereka semua anak2 Indonesia yang ada di Paris. Baru selesai jam 4.30an pagi. Parah dah. Padahal pas akhir2 gua cuman duduk doang karena udah cape dan ngantuk berat. Terus karena naik taksi mahal dan metro (kereta bawah tanah)nya baru ada jam 5.30, jadilah kita ramai2 menunggu metro sambil makan McD di pinggir jalan.

Terus Jumat berikutnya gua ke bar brazil. Keren deh, jadi ada ruang bawah tanahnya buat dance floor. Trus pas awal2 ada pertunjukan perkusi2 Brazil. Baru setelahnya ada DJ. Musiknya keren banget, beneran deh. Setelahnya ngopi2 dan baru pulang jam 02.00. Pulangnya naik sepeda yang bisa disewain di pinggir jalan Paris. Heboh juga si pagi buta gitu naik sepeda. Sabtunya gua pergi bareng temen2 les. cuman ber4. Yang 2 orang Korea dan yang 1 orang Denmark. Kita ngobrolnya bahasa Prancis gitu. Canggih deh. Tapi masih terbata-bata dan pake mikir dulu si kalo mau ngomong. Lumayan repot.
Terus malemya nonton konser Syd Matters. Biasalah, selera musiknya kakak indie2 gitu. Tapi keren.

Jalan2 mulu ya. Makanya ga ada waktu buat OL. Karena sibuknya juga sibuk jalan2. hehe...
Lusa pulang ni. Sedih deh karena mesti ninggalin Kakak. Kasian dia sendirian.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paris oh Paris

Yesterday was M.R.P.P.'s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....!!!!!
I'm really really really really sorry i'm not there for you on birthday.

Jadi, hari ini pas seminggu gua les Prancis. Menurut gua masih belum signifikan si peningkatan kemampuan fran├žais gua, tapi udah terlihat kemajuannya. Abisan dengernya bahasa Prancis mulu, gurunya ga pernah ngomong Bahasa Inggris sama sekali. Jadi misalnya dia ngejelasin satu kata Prancis, gua kadang masih tetep ga ngerti. Tapi sok2 ngangguk-ngangguk aja biar keliatan ngerti. Hahaha... Tapi ini jarang-jarang kok kaya gini.

Weekend kemaren gua ke La Rochelle, 5 jam dari Paris naik mobil. Gua berangkat bareng kakak gua dan temen2nya dan juga orang KBRI. Disana lagi ada pemilihan ketua PPI (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia). Tempatnya enak deh. Kota kecil di pinggir pantai. Terus ada beberapa mahasiswa yang tinggal di rumah lengkap dengan taman. Yang dari Paris pada iri, soalnya mereka kan tinggalnya di apartemen semua.

Trus sekarang lagi OL di labkom kampus. Jadi tempat les gua tu kampus gitu.. Setengah jam lagi disini jam 6, tapi di Jakarta jam 12 malam dan sudah tanggal 16. Pada tanggal 16 inilah para mahasiswa Psikologi UI sudah bisa mengisi IRS online di SIAK NG. Hukum rimba pada momen ini diberlakukan. Kalo melihat dari pengalaman yang lalu-lalu, sesama mlahasiswa saling gontok buat dapet kelas. Gila ya. But that makes sense, i would do the same. Soalnya kalo ga begitu kita ga akan dapet kelas pilihan, jadi dapet SKSnya untuk semester tersebut dikit deh. So i've learnt my lesson. I'm not doing the same mistake this time. Semester lalu gua panik abis nyari kelas karena terlambat ngisi IRS.

Lagi batuk ni. Pilek juga dikit. Ga enak banget. Kayanya cepet banget cape. Disini dingin banget. Kalo udah kaya gini, udara Jakarta yang panas itu sangat aku rindukan.
Kemaren pas nelfon Bunda sama Ayah masa gua hampir nangis. Tengsin banget. Salah satu alasannya si pasti karena gua mau dapet. Tapi selain itu ternyata gua bisa ngerasain homesick juga. Cupu banget ya. Padahal selama ini gua ngerasa gua bukan tipe orang yang suka homesick. Dan disini ada kakak pula. Kebayang deh orang2 yang tinggal sendirian di luar negeri ato luar kota yang jauh.


Monday, January 7, 2008


Selamat tahun baru!!!
hehe.. Basi ya? Udah sebulan ga posting blog dan banyak banget yang mau diceritain.

Pas tanggal 22 sampe 28 Desember gua dan keluarga gua ke Bali. Walaupun dapat dikatakan liburan gagal berhubung ujan terus, It was fun. Kita wisata kuliner dan makan bareng keluarga temen-temennya ayah dan bunda. Anak-anaknya dateng dari berbagai kota di dunia. Ada yang dari Paris (kakak), Belanda, Singapore, Bandung, sampe Salemba dan Depok juga ada. Hehe...

terus pas tanggal 29, ada berita duka cita. HP gua dicuri di poins square. Ini sedikit bayak kesalahan gua si. Ditaro di daem tas, tapi tasnya ga ada resleting. Jadilah HPnya dengan mudah bisa diambil oleh pencuri terkutuk itu. Sedih banget deh. Gua ga pernah kehilangan HP, sekalinya ilang PDA. PDAnya dikasih gratis si dari temennya Ayah. Tapi tetep aja.. nyesek banget. Terus.. beberapa hari yang lalu gua dapat kabar dari Bunda kalo tagihan telfon gua 2,9jt. Rupanya si pencuri terkutuk itu sempet2nya make telfon gua. Ini bisa terjadi karena nomer gua baru diblokir 2 jam setelah HPnya dicuri. Pada saat itu gua panik abis jd ngeblokirnya lama. Gila ya.. hanya dalam waktu 2 jam dia nelfon sebanyak kurang lebih 2,8jt. Sumpah kesel banget. Emang t*i tu orang.

Gua ngerayain taun baruan di four seasons hotel bareng keluarga besar Bunda dan temen-temen Psiko. Sempet terjadi masalah karena ada beberapa temen yang terhalang masuk dan disuruh bayar. Tapi akhirnya bisa masuk semua. Seru banget taun baruannya karena temen2 yg ikutan banyak, sekitar 19 orang. It was really-really fun. Apalagi karena di lobby hotelnya ada maliq.

Terus.. Pas tanggal 1 Januari malem, saya bertolak ke Paris bareng Kakak yang sekalian pulang. jadi rencananya gua mau les bahasa intensif di Paris. Beberapa hari yang lalu udah ngerjain tes penempatannya online dan hasilnya gua dapet tingkat intermediate. Haha... hoki banget tu. Karena ada beberapa bagian dari tes yang gua ga ngerti sama sekali berhubung vocabulary gua juga masih sangat terbatas. Lagipula di CCF juga gua baru tingkat 1A .
hari ini tes oral, terus gua ga ngerti yang gurunya omongin. Dia ampe harus berkali-kali ngulangin apa yang dia omongin. hehe.. Gua rasa besok, pas hari pertama les, kelas gua diturunin ke elementary.

Kemaren-kemaren udah jalan-jalan sendirian karena Kakak kan sekolah. Mall to mall, mulai dari chatelet, printemps, sampe galleries lafayette. Ga ada yang dibeli juga si.. mahal banget. Sepatunya keren-keren banget. Masa gua liat versi asli sepatu jeli Marc Jacobs yang ada di Melawai yang pernah gua liat di Teen Vogue. Harganya 150euro, padahal yg di melawai 30rb. 25rb bisalah kalo ditawar.

Terus pas hari Minggu jalan-jalan ke museum D'Orsay dan Pompidou. Gratis.... Gua pergi bareng kakak dan temen-temen Indonesianya. Seru deh pokoknya.

Entar cerita-cerita lagi deh. Ciao!!!!