Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe We Should Stop Expecting

I haven't met my sister for 8 months, and a couple of days ago she arrived at Jakarta. It's her first Lebaran here since the last 4 years.
When I found out she was coming home, I already thought about all the things I was going to ask her to buy for me. This is what I usually do everytime she comes home. I sometimes wonder whether I'm more excited to see my sister home or the things she bought for me.
This time, I planned to ask for a pair of ankle boots.

(Yeah.. yeah.. you can judge me all you want. I'm pretty much a fashion victim)

Eventually, I changed my mind and didn't ask for anything from her. I know how difficult it could be to look for random stuff.

I didn't pick her up at the airport, so by the time she landed she gave me a call. She said she bought me a pair of shoes. Since I wasn't expecting anything from her, I was pretty surprised.
When I arrived home, I was too excited to see my sister and completely forgot about the shoes. After all the euphoria, I went to my room and my sister showed me the shoes.

It was even better than I thought it would be. I've been looking for it obsessively on ebay a couple of months ago but I never found any. I never told my sister before, but somehow she bought it for me.

Maybe that's how it is with families and people who loves us unconditionally. Eventhough we don't expect much from them, the things they do for us are way beyond our expectations. I think that's proof of how big their love is towards us. We sometimes forget how lucky we are to be surrounded by people who love us. I sometimes forget.