Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazing experience


Abang None DKI is finally over. The finals was awesome. Alhamdulillah, I was chosen as None Favorit and None Harapan 1 DKI Jakarta.

(I still can't believe I was on this stage)

Thank you so much for all of my family and friends who have supported me from start to finish. I can't tell you guys how thankful I am. It means ssssooooooooo much to me. I heart you guys..

Here's the lessons I've learned after Abang None:
1. The meaning of hard work. I worked my ass off in this competition. I experienced firsthand what 'no pain, no gain' really means.
2. Be a risk taker. I have done my best in this competition, but one thing I regret the most is the Q and A session. I should've answered it in English, but I didn't because I was too afraid to do so. Damn damn damn.
3. Competition isn't always ugly. Seriously. I made really good friends even though we're aiming for the same thing.

This whole Abang None experience, starting from Jakarta Selatan until DKI Jakarta, is truly amazing. I was really sad everything has come to the end. I even cried when I had to say goodbye to all of my friends. If given the chance, I would be more than happy to repeat it all over again.