Thursday, March 6, 2008

THE Festival

Hello... It's been awhile since my last post, I know. But, I think no one will mind. Since the only person I know who reads this blog is my sister. How pathetic.

Anyway.. today's the first day of Java Jazz Festival. This is the festival I've been waiting for a year. I can't describe how much I love it. I'm really really excited right now. Three days full of music I love in one venue. It's total bliss..

BUT, until now I don't have any ticket for Friday and Sunday yet. I thought I was getting free tickets from my dad's friend. Well, he did give me 8 tickets, but it was for Saturday. I was also expecting a 3 day pass from my friend who was going to pay me back my money. But she forgot to buy it for me. So here I am, not having a ticket for the festival I really love.

I'm kind of worried I won't get any tickets actually. On Wednesday, I was going to watch Incubus and decided to buy the ticket at 'calo' since the cheapest one costs Rp. 500.000 and I don't like Incubus that much. And based on my experience, we can get cheaper tickets if we buy it from 'calo'. So I went to the venue expecting to get the ticket for Rp. 300.000, but when I arrived there they sold it for Rp. 850.000. So I waited there with M.R.P.P. and his friends hoping the tickets will cost cheaper if the show starts. But it didn't. Still, we waited there. Listening Incubus from the outside, being really pissed for our optimism. Long story short, we didn't watch Incubus.

A lot have happened since my last post. I cut my hair short, I made friends with my seniors who are really cheap. Not cheap literally, but they won't say no if you ask them out. The same goes for me though, they call me cheapest. But no, I'm not that cheap. I went to Puncak, Bogor, and did a road trip of Jakarta with my old and new 'cheap' friends. Went to the movies for a couple of time, hung out at Depok, hung out at my terrace until 01.00 A.M. on a weekday.

I used to be this girl who went straight home or my piano classes after school. I guess I'm a late bloomer. It's strange how much my life has changed since my high school days.


PS: I'm sure my next post will be all about JavaJazz