Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Version of 10 Things I Hate About You

I hate how you beat me in Scrabble or the Sunday crossword puzzle
I hate how you sometimes forget to say thank you to the parking guy or cashier
I hate how you're easily sick
I hate how you play the piano better than I do
I hate how you sometimes test me on general knowledge or use medical terms to explain something
I hate how you can tell that I'm playing spider solitaire or browsing while speaking on the phone with you
I hate how you lie and say that you're staying up late to write your paper, though you're actually playing a computer game
I hate how you sometimes forget to hold the door for me
I hate how you sometimes stare at my blackheads on my forehead instead of my eyes when you talk to me
I hate how you complain annoyingly when the traffic gets bad


I adore how you let me change the rules of scrabble so I could win
I adore how you're willing to wait for me to finish work for an hour or more at the mall across my office
I adore how you don't mind going to the movies alone because I changed my mind and decided to attend a meeting
I adore how you never complain about my outfit, even if it makes my ass look huge
I adore how you listen to my rants and give comments without being judgmental
I adore how you apologize first because you don't want us to fight
I adore how you let me window shop at Forever 21 eventhough you have a test the day after
I adore how you let me eat anything I want eventhough I'm already gaining weight and have a double chin
I adore how you understand when I refuse to come to your family gatherings
I adore how you never raise your voice when I'm being such a bitch during my monthly bitchiness.

We both don't know for sure whether I will be by your side when your hair turns gray,
or whether you will be by my side when there are wrinkles on my eyes,
or I will one day delete this post because we have both gone our separate ways.
But one thing I do know for sure,
is that in the here and now,
you have a special place in my heart.

Farewell #2

Had a sleepover with my best friends, lunch with family and friends and dinner with more friends.Received presents from some of them, hugs from most of them and wishes from all of them.
Nearly cried when my friends sang Can't Smile Without You dedicated to me.
We also danced, sing, laughed and said until we meet again.
Such lovely people I have in my life.

Farewell Wishes from friends and family:

A present from my best friends:

Apparently pictures from my camera is in poor quality. I'll post the pictures once my friend has uploaded it on facebook.
: )

Farewell #1

My farewell email on June 30, 2010.

Dear All,

Today is my last day at the office. It’s been such a wonderful experience to be able to work at WBOJ, especially at this Unit with a remarkable team like all of you. Your teamwork and professionalism has taught me a lot on my early career.

I can never say enough thank yous for the opportunity, knowledge, experience and friendship all of you have shared. This past 8 months will surely be a joyful memory for me. I will one day look back and smile because I have got the chance to know all of you, personally and professionally. I wish you all success in life.

With best wishes, warm hug and thank yous,

Deasy Benita Priadi

PS: My personal email is and my phone number is +62-81*-*******, just in case you want to say hi or congratulate me on my birthday. :D

Farewell lunch and dinner with officemates,

Team Picture, a present from Mba Echie:

A present from Mba Nandya and Arief:

One of my boss:

Such remarkable people.

Thank you to Bebeng, Mba Reny, Mba Amel and those of you who took the pictures.