Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Letter to God

Dear God,

Another year in my life has passed. The year 2008 has been magnificent. You gave me so many blessings since day 1, starting from my trip to Paris, my unforgettable 20th birthday, Abang None, meeting M.S, and other things which I cannot write one by one.

Thank You God for giving me such a beautiful life. It is true that my life has not been all ups. You have given the downsides of life for me this year, but I took that as a process for me to be more mature and realize that I should be more grateful for what I have right now.

I am sorry I still do things that You don't like. Despite all the kindness You've shown to me, I still don't touch my head to the floor 5 times everyday. I am also more afraid in making my parents sad than making You sad every time I do something wrong. I really am sorry dear God.

I hope next year will be better. I can not promise You anything, but I will be doing my best to not make You mad. I also hope that there will be peace on earth. I am sure You do not want people to suffer any longer with all the war in Palestine, Africa, and other places on earth. Please take care of my family, my loved ones, all of the good people, and the environment which I sometimes take for granted.

Last but not least,
Thank You God for being extremely nice to me. I am truly blessed.

I love You God, I really do.


Deasy B. Priadi