Monday, January 26, 2009

Elementary School Reunion

Last Friday was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

I spent some quality time with M.S.

It was the first day of my GMAT prep class. I really like math and considering I'm a Psychology major, it's been a while since the last time I used my brain to count. I miss dealing with numbers and variables.
I sound like a math geek.

Other than that, what made my day superb was it was the day of my elementary school reunion. Thanks to facebook, Ilma, and Dela, after 10 years I finally get to meet my long lost friends at Thai Kitchen, Panglima Polim. I've been looking forward for this event, and when I finally arrived at the venue I was smiling from ear to ear and jumping and down. Literally (the jumping part, not the smiling part, hehe..).
There were about 80 people there. I can't remember all of them though, so I had to ask their names and introduced myself again.

Other than eating and taking pictures, we also reminisced those good old days in elementary school. The funny part was when we remembered the love stories and the humiliation we did back then. Here are the excerpts from the reunion:

Girl: Oh my god, I had a crush on you? Remember?
Boy: Oh yeah? Me too..!! That's why I always chose a seat next to you.
Girl: Then why weren't we together?
Boy: hahahah...

Boy: You were my ex right?
Girl1: Oh my goodness, yes, how humiliating.
Girl2: We had a fight, remember? Because I had a crush on him too.
Boy: Hahaha....

(Spoken with a non-flirting manner)
Girl: You're hot now, you used to be a total geek. No offense.
Boy: Haha... None taken.

A: Hey, you used to shit your pants right?
B: Hahaha.. How come you remember?
C: You're famous on our batch as the boy who likes to shit his pants.
A: Yeah, and you walked with your ass facing the wall so no one will see the stain on your shorts, but your shit was dripping.
C: Oh yeah? I don't remember that. Eeewww... I just lost my appetite.

After a lot of talking, laughing, and taking pictures, some of us went to one of the night clubs near Thai Kitchen. One of my elementary school friend is the marketing of that club so he gave us guestlists.

What makes this extraordinary is because we knew each other since we were still children. And at that day, we went to a club together and did what people at clubs usually do. Even the geeks.

People DO change.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Greetings from the Land of Gods