Monday, August 31, 2009

Obligation as an Undergrad: Done

So here is what happened afterward:

1. Went to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with Cheela, Danar, and Arum.
There were cheap tickets, so we decided to execute our plan to travel together. We made it happen, though some of my closest friends didn't join us.

Singapore was fun, and KL was OK. The best thing I like about this trip is the late night talks. It's kind of funny how close you are with your friends, yet know so little about them. Too bad, I had to reschedule my flight home and leave earlier to...

2. Celebrate my one year anniversary with M.S.
When I planned my vacation, I completely forgot about my anniversary. My flight home was the day after my anniversary, so I had to buy another ticket so I can celebrate. It's very ignorant of me, I know.
The day after my anniversary, I had to catch a 05.00 A.M. flight to...

3. Tokyo
This was my first time to Japan. My sister was going to Japan for her summer holiday and I decided to meet her and tag along, the way I always did since I was little. At first, I wasn't very excited because I was too tired to travel. This never happened before, since I love traveling and Japan is on my top list of new travel destinations. But my holiday ended really fun. My sister is THE best traveling partner.

There were my sister's friends living in Japan, Bintang, Figi, and Sasti who accompanied us around Japan. My sister and I ended up traveling like a local. I didn't even go to Disneyland, but I did go to Summer Sonic festival and watched Lady Gaga, The Ting-Tings, the Klaxons, and this really cool 4 DJ performance called Birdie Numnum.
Everything in Japan is extremely expensive, I bought almost nothing for myself. Thank God we rescheduled our flight (again) and went home earlier.

4. Graduation day
After 4 years of hardwork, my journey in University of Indonesia has come to an end. It was both happy and sad.

I'm already missing my campus days...